Precision data with survey grade accuracies and near instantaneous delivery of results is key to better decision making in every sector whether it is agriculture, infrastructure or natural resource management.

Compared to any other technology, Drones have improved to such an extent that they are successfully replacing traditional approaches of surveying, farm monitoring and management, construction progress monitoring and niche domains like crop insurance, telecommunication tower monitoring to name a few.


  • SCSL has technical expertise in successful application of UAVs/Drones, Aerial survey,
  • Team of Experts having good Experience in the industry,
  • Best equipment with very high precision and accuracy capabilities,
  • Faster data Acquisition and Delivery,
  • Trained and DGCA Certified Pilots as per industry standards,
  • Comprehensive sector specific solutions such as monitoring, surveillance, inspection, 3D mapping, surveying, agriculture, telecommunication, Power distribution network monitoring,
  • Empanelled with Survey of India for Svamitva Project for both Abadi and Large Scale Mapping,
  • Extensive client base as we have worked with large number of government, public sector and private companies operating in different domains and geographic conditions,
  • Large fleet of DGCA approved quadrotors, VTOLs and Fix wing drones for deployment as required.
  • Can collect data from Optical, Multi-spectral, thermal and laser sensors

Saptrishi has the necessary sensors, skillsets, domain expertise and delivery capacity for speedy deployment on ground and delivery of outputs to following sectors

  • Mapping and Surveying
  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure: Roads, Railways and Metro
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Crop Insurance

Mapping and Surveying

Giving property rights to small holders in rural and remote parts of the country hasn’t been as easy as it is now with precision, survey grade drone data capturing. When deployed with RTK/PPK enabled long endurance drones together with systematically laid precise ground markings, drones can deliver several square kilometers of data in a given day which adds wings to such flagship projects of Government of India.

SCSL is proud to be an empanelled service provider with Survey of India for mapping large parts in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and other areas.

  • Capturing level of details as good as your eyes can see,
  • Accuracies that a ground-based surveying with traditional methods can deliver,
  • Quick & accurate site assessment,
  • Time and cost effective as per traditional methods.
  • Multicore high end data processing computers coupled with very high storage and transfer capabilities to support the large           volumes of data collected everyday.

Typical Deliverables:
  • Ortho mosaic images,
  • 3D point cloud
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)

  • Video footage,
  • Feature extraction,
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Contour lines at required intervals,

Infrastructure: Roads, Railways and Metro

Drones have become irreplaceable tools for remote area project progress monitoring. Site surveying and reporting through field survey is not only cumbersome and time consuming but also may not give complete picture that project managers sitting far away would like to see. In addition, it brings in a completely transparent visualization, near instantaneously

Drone captures all essential ground features for Picking of existing track alignment along with details of additional features, existing structures and transferring various locations of existing road alignment, existing structures, all features, existing ground levels, drains, electrical lines/ telephone cables, and any other salient features of the area proper approach roads, drainage &sewerage system etc. and preparation of drawings etc.

Typical Deliverables:
  • Continuous video footage,
  • Orthomosaic of the site,
  • Point cloud
  • Site map,
  • Encroachment,
  • Overlaid with Cadastral maps,
  • Features extracted per desired classes,

Crop Management

Drones can provide variety of data but in order to deliver real value of this technology to farmers, we have integrated Drone based solution with farm management mobile application. The data gathered from drones flying over farms is processed and based on analytics, customized advisories are issued to farmers to enhance production and minimize risk to crop and improve productivity per acre.

Crop insurance

Farmers depend on good production and if that is at stake or suffers damage due to any reasons, they get compensated in proportion to losses. Current practice is visiting every damaged farm and report losses through eye estimation. Drones have proven beyond doubt that such assessments can be done transparently and very quickly, helping all stakeholders to reach genuine compensation amount quickly.

Integrating drone images with additional data, more insights can be gained to improve service delivery of insurance claims to farmers.

Farm wise and farmer wise sown crop and sown area verification

Crop damage assessment

Key inputs for yield estimation